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Group Walks

$30 Plus Tax

Group walks are off-leash walks that consist of 2 + dogs. Unleash Your Paws will come to your house, pick up your pooch, then drive to an off-leash dog park. We guarantee a minimum 45 minute walk. We walk in all weather but we do have policies for extreme weather. We only walk if everyone is happy, healthy and enjoying the walk. When the walk is over the dogs climb back into the car and get dropped off at home one at a time. Depending on where you are in the pick up order your dog can be out of the house from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Once your dog is safely back at home you will receive a text. This helps you plan your day by knowing the last time your pup was outside. We are always training. We work on "Sit", "Down",  "Stay", "Wait", Recall, "Touch", and other fun tricks. We use treats during our walks so please let us know if your dog is allergic to any food or if you notice an upset stomach after a walk.