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Private Walks

Private walks are 30 minute walks on leash around your neighbourhood.

Choose private walks if you need to work on your dog's recall, you want to give your dog extra training time, or if your dog does not get along well with other dogs.  

We walk in all weather but we do have policies for extreme weather. We will only walk as long as your dog is happy, healthy and enjoying the walk.

Once your dog is safely back at home you will receive a text to let you know the exact time the walk ended. This helps you plan your day by knowing when your pup was last outside.

We are always training. We work on "Sit", "Stay", "Wait", "Touch", "Come", loose leash and other fun tricks. If you need training specific for reactivity, loose leash walking, or jumping there is an extra $2 charge per walk. All of our training is positive reinforcement training which means we use no fear, no force, and no pain to get results.

We do use treats during our walks so please let us know if your dog has any food allergies.

$30 Plus Tax