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Reactivity issues

Reactive Dogs

Do you have a dog that barks and lunges on leash?  Or maybe Fido hates going for walks and looks scared and nervous the entire time?  Or do you have a dog that is well behaved most of the time but reacts on occasions at the dog park? Every reactivity case is unique.  We don't guarantee that your dog will be "fixed"; they are living, breathing creatures with wants, needs, likes, and fears.   What we will teach you is how to read your dog's body language, how to stop incidents before they start, how to react when your dog is reacting,  and lots of tools that you can use in daily life to make walks more enjoyable for both you and  your dog.

Having a reactive dog comes with many emotions.  We often hear the words frustrated, exhausted, embarrassed, scared, and I don't know what to do.  We are here for you.  We are happy to be an ear to vent to, a shoulder to cry on, and a cheerleader for both good days and setbacks.  

We can help!

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$99 +HST/ 1-hour session

Number of sessions determined on a case by case basis.